I just wanted to post a shout-out to the world's best acupuncturist, Stephanie Propper. I was at a real low point following my 2 consecutive pregnancy losses. She began coming to my apartment once a week and worked some real magic. She was able to bring my period back in 4.5 weeks following my miscarriage, and I was basically regular by the next month, which is huge, because with my first miscarriage, it took me 8 weeks to get my period. After that, she prescribed me some Chinese herbs, which worked their magic, because I was pregnant within 2 cycles from when I started trying! From there, she helped to support the fetal growth, and once that was established, she became an absolute miracle worker with nausea relief and all the pregnancy issues that have come up along the way including placenta previa. Another huge high point with the acupuncture is that I only got sick ONCE this entire cold and flu season, and I have a toddler! She was also able to help get my foot with plantars fasciitis back in shape. I feel like a truly new person since starting acupuncture, and it is largely due to the work she has done with me, as well as the herbs she has prescribed me. If you've ever wanted to try acupuncture, or if you have something that could be worked on (we all do), have Stephanie come over to your home, and you won't be sorry!